Rebuilding classic cars is a laborious and complicated process. That is why it is worth entrusting it in the hands of specialists with many years of experience.

The Classics Station Workshop will successfully guide you through the restoration process.

The work begins with disassembly of the vehicle and inventory of parts. At this stage key decisions are made about the repair technology, as well as which elements are suitable for repair, and which for replacement. The body, depending on its condition, is chemically cleaned and secured with KTL method or cleaned by soda blasting. Then the car is taken to the body shop, where the body is repaired and prepared for painting.

The mechanical workshop overhauls the engine and suspension, and all chrome and wooden parts are restored in cooperating studios. There is an upholstery workshop on site which takes care of a perfect renovation of the interior. After all the above described work is done, we start assembling the vehicle. Electrical system, drive system and suspension are delivered to the place and the whole is crowned with the installation of accessories.

Each vehicle stored at the Classics Station is insured for 100% of its value against fire, flood, casualty, theft, etc.

After the works are completed, the car undergoes a series of activities aimed at eliminating childhood defects, and at the customer's request, ClassicData's expertise can also be made, confirming the quality and diligence of the work performed.