Mercedes 280SL

Year of production:1968

Course:100 km

Engine:2800 cm3 ; 150 KM


The 280 SL roadsters are undoubtedly in an interesting place in the Mercedes-Benz model range. They are still affordable despite their rapidly rising values in recent years, and are extremely stylish yet reliable to drive often for pleasure. The elegant and unobtrusive styling of these roadsters, penned by designer and artist Paul Bracq, made this model a coveted accessory for young Hollywood stars in the late 60’s and early 70’s.This stunning 280 SL, rolled out of the factory in Papyrus White with a dark blue MB-Tex interior. As per the factory specs, the soft top is black with an additional “Pagoda” hardtop available. 

280 SL is freshly after 18 months of comprehensive restoration, down to the smallest screw.          The car has been thoroughly disassembled in preparation for the restoration, then the body was cleaned in a chemical bath before body work, and then secured with KTL technology, so we can be sure that also hard to reach places and closed profiles are free from rust. The car has received a completely new interior and trim. The engine has also been fully restored and refinished. The Pagoda was then sent to an expert at ClassicData, who gave it a rating of 1-, the highest possible for a restored car.

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