Mercedes 220 A Cabriolet

Year of production:1953

Course:100 km

Engine:2195 cm3 ; 86 KM

Price:759 000 zł

The Mercedes-Benz 220 of the W187 series was the first truly new model designed by Daimler after World War II, but even so it was based on the chassis of the 170 S model. The engine develops 86 horsepower, which allows the car to accelerate to 145 km/h – a significant speed in those days, a similar performance was presented by the Porsche 356 1300. The Mercedes 220 A Cabriolet was produced in only 1,278 units between 1951 and 1955. This wiry two-seater A Cabriolet was a favorite of movie stars in both Europe and the United States.

The car has been completely restored as certified by ClassicData with a rating of 1.